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Ongoing professional training and having a network of trusted professionals to refer clients to is a hallmark of my work and the people I respect.

I am wary of people who take on clients when they don’t have the skills to support them. It’s a bit like asking a massage therapist to cut my hair and expecting a brilliant haircut. The point is, we all have different interactive styles and areas of expertise.

I want to help clients find practitioners that they can feel most comfortable with. The people on this page are people I trust. People that I have experience of working with and continue to learn from.

Please mention Sue at The Feel Institute if you contact them.

Sara AblingerSara Ablinger – Vienna, Austria

Client groups offered to:
I offer 1:1 bodywork sessions for cis women and marginalized bodies (trans, queer, fat, disabled). My workshops are for all genders, with a body positive, queer & inclusive approach.

Professional Qualifications & Certifications:

Services available:

1:1 online coaching or bodywork session to support you on your journey with your body image, breath and movement, boundaries & communication, sensuality and sexuality.

Michael Dresser

Michael Dresser – Edinburgh, London, Findhorn (Relationships, Communication) (Pleasure, Erotic)

Client groups offered to: 

I work mainly with anyone who defines as male, and/or queer, but welcome enquiries from anyone who feels drawn to work with me.

Professional Qualifications & Certifications:

Services available:

Body-based coaching to improve your connection with touch, pleasure, sex, and relationships.

Learn about intimacy, have more fun with your body, (re)discover how to feel, and get better at communicating what you want.

Choice and the needs of the individual are at the centre of each experience. All my work is guided by the principles of the Wheel Of Consent.

Betty Martin

Betty Martin, D.C. – Seattle WA, USA

Client groups offered to: 
Practitioners: bodyworkers, tantra practitioners, therapists, coaches, sex workers, surrogates



Professional Qualifications & Certifications:

  • Retired Doctor of Chiropractic
  • Certified Sexological Bodyworker and Somatic Sexologist
  • Certified Surrogate Partner
  • Developer of the Wheel of Consent
  • Author of The Art of Receiving and Giving.

Services available:
Video consultation. I offer supervision, mentoring, and training in consent protocols for your sessions and workshops.

Sian Johnson

Sian Johnson – West Yorkshire and online

Client Groups Offered to:

I work with men of any sexual orientation and relationship status

Professional Qualifications & Certifications:

Certified Sexological Bodyworker, Living Tantra,  Counselling Skills, Coaching and Consent

Services available:

Tantric Erotic Massage: purely for pleasure!

The Men’s Programme: addressing challenges in intimacy, pleasure and desire. think less, feel more!

Tantric Connections: exploring deeper, more powerful masculine sexual vibrancy for yourself self and in relationship

Coaching: anything from dating advice to boosting self-esteem

Discovery Call: a free phone call to discover the possibilities for you.

Robyn Dalzen – Salt Lake City and offering sessions via Zoom; travel, teach and offer sessions throughout the world (when we aren’t stuck in isolation due to the pandemic)

Client groups offered to: Work with individuals, couples and professionals; all gender and sexual orientations welcome

Professional Qualifications & Certifications:

Wheel of Consent® Facilitator (2017); TRE® provider (tension & trauma release exercise) (2020); Transformational Leadership Coach (2014); Sexological Bodyworker (in training) (2020)

Services available:

Interactive coaching and guidance on boundaries, consent, pleasure, empowerment and choice; Wheel of Consent training – learning and experiencing the four quadrants and the two dynamics of the Wheel; TRE® Bodywork sessions for tension & trauma release; Intimacy and Relationship coaching

Rupert Alison

Rupert Alison – Oxford / Online

Client groups offered to: We work with groups of all types and sizes, both online and in person

Professional Qualifications & Certifications:

Certified Facilitator with Betty Martin’s Wheel of Consent.
MA (Oxon).

Services available

We run a variety of workshops based on the Wheel of Consent.  Some are mostly theory-based and psycho-educational, others are more experience-led and practice-based.  Some are light-hearted and playful, others integrate an understanding of trauma, toxic power dynamics, and social justice into an embodied awareness of consent.  Our workshops last anything from 1 hour to 4 days, and are co-facilitated and assisted by our highly experienced team.