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Trauma and Tension

We hold trauma and tension in our bodies.

At some level, we all know this.

It shows up with aches and pains.

Sometimes it is more emotional.

Shaking is a natural way to release it.

Do you ever shake?

In my early years, I noticed that in certain situations, my body start shaking.

I started noticing it in other people and animals too, especially dogs.

Regardless of the experience, dogs routinely shake off.

Watch them the next time you get the chance. It might be after a nap or an energetic walk. A bit like they would if they’d got their coat wet. They’d shake the water off, even when there is no water.

My background

In my 20s (my acid house dancing days) the repetitive, rhythmic dance expression resulted in a similar feeling. I felt lighter and looser.

In my 30s, during philosophy night school meditation classes, much to my embarrassment, my body did a strange jerking movement when I was supposed to be holding a still position. When I raised this question, my teachers would tell me I wasn’t meditating correctly. A fellow student visiting from India whispered in a moment after that it was good and meant I was doing it right.

In my 40s through 5Rhythms, Movement Medicine, Open Floor, full-body orgasmic breath, clench and hold breath practices, the shaking, jerking, and movement that came naturally from my body showed up more and more. More importantly, it was celebrated, invited even, rather than frowned upon.

By the time I had discovered TRE® Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises, I had integrated my shaking with dance, sex and masturbation.

What is TRE®?

TRE® is an essential self-care tool for anyone living in today’s world.

TRE® facilitators teach people the tried and tested exercises to bring on the bodies natural shaking and tremoring process many of us have forgotten.

By forgotten I mean most of us live in an environment where we must present ourselves in a certain way.

That way doesn’t include shaking off the way dogs do.

Discovery Session

I offer you a 20-minute Discovery Session if you think this might help with your current health challenges.

The Discovery Session is just 20-minutes, and we can meet via video call.

I’ll get to know you and share the basic principles of the practice with you.

No cost or obligation, book a time with me by completing this booking form.

*Image credit: Nicolas Comte on Unsplash