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More than needle felting

I notice a feeling similar to other times I have revealed something meaningful. There is a ‘coming out’ quality – a potential fear of being mocked or worse.

Luckily, I am more unapologetic than I used to be. I’ve claimed an identity that honours where and who I am in life. You can see the latest truth-telling by visiting the Unapologetic Baby Crone. These wonderful three words permit me to write about whatever I want.

What I am about to share is badass witchery. With needle and wool. I am proud of myself and all the others who delve into the ways of the past. More about that later.

Remembering the craft

I have been making spirit dolls and beings through needle felting since October 2020 under the guidance of Julia Inglis. This craft remembers me, and I remember it. I am using my body as an instrument for what needs to come through.

They were made for personal learnings, connecting with my ancestors, healing trauma and remembering. Over these seasons of making, the beings became more universal, less personal, and I can own my craft. I weave for spirit.

Meet the counsel!

I gathered the beings for a group photo! This was in May.

At this point, I’d made three for people I knew, gifting them and delivering the words and messages received through the process. Each time the messages were profoundly significant to the recipient.

There is something tender for me seeing this photo, as several of these are living elsewhere now. Something shifted in these last few weeks, and precious pieces I’d made and worked with became destined for others. The knowing rising from within that it was time to pass this being on. The lesson was integrated, and the other was the new beneficiary.

I sense that these beings are for people to connect with a part of themselves that calls out to be seen, heard, loved, and integrated.

Medicine Bundles

It all starts with a medicine bundle.

Elderflower, crystals, rose petals on wool as part of a medicine bundle

With a needle and wool, I create medicine bundles containing foraged plants, flowers and herbs. Some have hair, trinkets and crystals in them too.

Anything that wants to participate goes in, and from there, the most incredible beings emerge.

Witches are wisdom keepers

For me, this is delicious witchery. Being a witch, for me, is about the connection between the seen and the unseen. It is tuning in to nature, the stars, noticing the messages, signs, and synchronicities. It’s also worth naming right from the get-go that witches are not just women. Witches are wisdom keepers and can be any gender.

Early in 2018, I made a piece as part of a ten-week creative journey called Dance your Art Out led by the incredible Sarah Davies. I realised that to be creative, I had to reveal more of myself. I remember the nerves the first time I showed another my unapologetic witch. It now has pride of place on the inspiration wall of my writer’s room.

A piece of art with the word Witch in large letters in the centre

Through this creation, my insides were on the outside for the first time, and I survived. The words on this creation include:

No guts no glory. Believe the myth. Best friend, soulmate, confidante…backstabber. Power Politics. The unfolding story. Traditions of healing. Alternative Healing. Your reality is broken. Deconstructing patterns. Love. Seeing things from a different perspective.

I’ve owned my witch ever since.

Regardless of your identity, I want you to know you are welcome to create with me.

Becoming an Elder

I’ve acknowledged the knowing and set the intention for my passage to Elder.

With pen, feet, wool, nature, needle and whatever else makes itself known, I will create and dream.

This journey will last many years. My deliberate digging into “Women who run with the Wolves” by Clarissa Pinkola Estés and other myths and stories. By making marks in the book, dancing, dreaming and allowing the beings to emerge.

What next?

I envision guiding others to needle felt through gatherings, working with symbols and archetypes.

Making beings for others to assist through transitions with intention, breath, herbs, crystals and more has come to the forefront. It has naturally started happening, and I have to begin honouring the time, cost of materials and exchange ongoing.

In-person gatherings

Here we can learn the craft of creating beings. Together, in person.

I have a strong desire to explore, and the thought of bringing this craft to people appeals. I have a van, and I can provide materials. With groups of up to 8 or 9 people, we can gather, set intentions, forage, and create.

To relax and tune in, with time to connect, I suggest 6 to 8 hours is ideal for a spirit being gathering. From this, you will come away with a being, perhaps two.

We can explore deeper with a weekend gathering, working with eyes, sigils, full-bodied beings, and more.

You can come to Wiltshire for gatherings in my home. I hope to hold them in London, Berkshire, Wales and Derbyshire too. If you have space and some people who want to learn, I am open to coming. Get in touch here to arrange a 15-minute Zoom to discuss more.

Photo credit – White feather on body of water by Andraz Lazic on Unsplash