What is Sexological Bodywork?

Sexological Bodywork is a specific way of working with people.

It’s designed to improve the connection between the body and the mind and allow the sexual, and erotic aspects to awaken or deepen.

The term Sexological Bodywork is fairly new.

If you haven’t heard of it before you probably have lots of questions.

I have written an article based on real questions from real people, including Is it even a real qualification and Are you actually going to touch my bits?‘. You can read it here.

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Sue is a Professional Member of The Association of Somatic & Integrative Sexologists

Empowering rather than fixing

In contrast to ‘fixing’ people, Sexological Bodyworkers coach, teach and support people to learn about their bodies.

This approach, above all, empowers them to be healthy and happier with themselves.

I offer a neutral space, free from expectations and performance, to practice and integrate new tools and techniques.

Probably the most valuable aspect is being able to talk about what is being felt inside.

This can be healing and cathartic.

Supporting people in exploring their sexuality, and working through sexual issues or concerns is my passion.

Why do people typically come to see a Sexological Bodyworker?

The most common reasons are they have or want:

  • more choice around orgasm, in other words, they could be unable to orgasm, they have an early orgasm, or they have delayed orgasm
  • erection difficulties
  • to rely less on porn
  • anxiety or trauma around intimacy
  • are bored
  • desire to practice something new
  • has been a change in their libido
  • to experience more pleasure
  • feeling disconnected from their genitals
  • would like to rediscover their body, often after a change, such as childbirth
  • recognise they are stuck in a pattern that doesn’t satisfy them anymore
  • struggle to ask for what they want, or even know what they want
  • to be touched
  • scars from gender reassignment surgery, or childbirth, and feel uncomfortable about their bodies
  • don’t know how to masturbate
  • didn’t have sex education that was meaningful to them
  • to have better sex…and many, many more reasons.

What can happen in a session?

Sessions can allow people to direct their own erotic development, access their arousal, and experience pleasure for pleasure’s sake.

There is often more talking than touch.

I use my experience, skills and training to offer you suggestions which you choose from. I am there for you to explore what you want to explore, and for that reason, I am in service to you.

Whether you want to heal feelings of sexual shame, better express your desires or deepen your erotic pleasure, I welcome you on this journey.

Can Sexological Bodywork sessions be virtual?

A resounding, yes!

Regardless of geographical location, we can cover many of the components of Sexological Bodywork via video conference.

Many clients feel more comfortable being in their own or chosen environment.

It can work and often does.


If you want to know more book a 15-minute cup of tea call with me.

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