Scar tissue remediation involves conversation, witnessing, hands-on touch and manipulation, and education about self-care to support clients in minimising the impact of scars on the rest of the body and the nervous system.

My training is founded in Ellen Heed’s work. Ellen is a pioneer in this field and provides educational training programmes covering the anatomical nature of scar tissue, together with the use of castor oil through touch and and using castor oil packs. Using this knowledge and techniques, we can free up these scars and give ourselves the valuable self care we need.

I have worked on a range of scars which were a result of brain surgery, appendectomy, episiotomy or perineotomy, breast reductions and breast enlargements. Having recently had surgery on my foot, I will also be working on my own scars.

The key here is that scars that were made years, or even decades ago, can be transformed by scar tissue remediation with castor oil. One of my clients scars from childbirth was from a procedure 22 years ago, and a change in the tissues were evident in one session. You can read this clients testimonial here.

In addition, through scar tissue remediation, people are often able to connect seemingly unrelated aches, pains, body irritations and symptoms.

If you would like to arrange a free clarity call to discuss work on your scars, do get in touch.