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Masturbation coaching is about developing a satisfying and nourishing solo erotic practice.

I ran 2 workshops in London in January and February 2020 called Developing a nourishing self-pleasure practice. The people who attended confirmed that there is such a lack of information, support, guidance and help around masturbation. It is massively overlooked as a vital and nourishing part of our existence. This is not ok!

Change the way you touch yourself

Before we start, I want to make something crystal clear.

I will not support you to do what you always do. This means if you want me to be present and be a fluffer for you to wank the way you have always wanked, go elsewhere.

Seriously, don’t even contact me.

I get messages wanting this regularly.


If you want something that actually feeds you, actually gives you a real expression of who you are on the inside, then carry on reading. You are welcome here.

Why do we need masturbation coaching?

I am yet to meet anyone who was taught how to masturbate. That in itself can send a message that it is not something we should talk about, never mind enjoy.

I wrote an article which you can read here, asking ‘Is masturbation a part of your self-care?‘ I think it should be.

Learning to enjoy our bodies, exactly as they are, can transform how we feel about ourselves and how we relate to others.

Who is masturbation coaching for?

My clients are gender, sexuality and relationship diverse.

Some want to explore their mind and body in an erotic way, others are bored with touching themselves in the same way, many believe they could have a lot more pleasure.

Whatever your reason, if you think it might help, it probably will. A recognition of the need for a change is often the first hurdle to cross.

How does masturbation coaching work?

I offer masturbation coaching as a remote package, in other words, the coaching is done via video conferencing, typically Zoom.

No genital touch in session 1

It is worth stating explicitly, that there is no genital touch in a first session. That is a boundary for me, regardless of the type of work I do. That includes you touching your own genitals. To clarify, I am all in for the right to wank, to self-pleasure, to get off, whatever you want to call it. I also know that changing the mindset is an essential part of the process. When genital touch is not on the menu, the mindset gets some much-needed attention.

Still interested? (I hope so. I know this approach works.)

  • We start with an ‘I want to….’ form with a series of statements around sensuality and sexuality, which you grade in terms of how interested you are in exploring.
  • Then, we have a 30-minute video call, where we talk about statements on the form that are most appealing, you can share some masturbation history, and have the opportunity to reflect, with me, on any issues you may have and why you have them.
  • Finally, I share the practice and offer you ‘homework’.
  • I follow up this with an email reminding you of the homework, and that’s when you get to explore yourself in the comfort of your own home.
  • There are 3 home practices, after which, you briefly describe your experience, and I give you coaching after each one, all by email.
  • After the 3rd home practice, we have another 30-minute video call, to reflect on these experiences and what your future solo erotic practice might look like.

This coaching is all online, and is available to all, regardless of geographical location.

You can also pick some great tips here in this article for Dazed Digital.

Alternative approach?

You are welcome to suggest a different approach, perhaps with longer sessions and video calls between sessions. The boundaries I stated above remain. Please honour them.

Some people want to add masturbation witnessing after exploring masturbation coaching. If we can agree on it, we can do it.

Complete the clarity call booking form  to arrange your masturbation coaching.