I offer a mix of in-person, video coaching, phone and text messaging sessions ranging from 60 minutes to 3 hours.

  • In-person sessions are based near Old Street (N1 6NT) in London *
  • Video conferencing is via Skype or Zoom
  • Phone sessions via telephone or WhatsApp
  • Text messaging sessions via Skype or WhatsApp

*In-person sessions are currently suspended until 1st July 2020. This date will be reviewed as more information is known.

Multiple sessions

Most people benefit from a series of sessions, as they can take their time to explore, integrate and apply what they have learnt at a pace that is not only regular but also progressive, which can often make it easier to incorporate into their daily life.

There are also programmes on offer, focused on a particular theme or themes defined by you. We can tailor these together or you can explore those in the Programmes menu.

You can book one session, a series of sessions, or a programme.


I offer discounts for advance booking of programmes and group of sessions:

  • 6 hours – 5% discount
  • 12 hours – 10% discount
  • 18 hours – 15% discount
  • 24 hours – 20% discount
  • 30 hours – 25% discount

I want the sessions to be financially accessible to those who can benefit, and have a supporters rate for those who can afford more. This allows me to operate a low-cost clinic for those who are less financially able.

My hourly rate is available on request.

I offer a free clarity call for all who are curious and want to know more.

Contact me via the and let’s start talking.

If you want to learn about what you want/don’t want and how to directly and assertively communicate it, Sue’s your woman. 

I have loved learning from Sue in her practice as a Sexological Bodyworker.

She has an empowered, embodied understanding of her own autonomy and boundaries, which she teaches through example and instruction. Sue supports clients to, without fear or apology, be clear with requests and explorations.


It helped me grow in confidence about my own solo erotic time

I worked on Mindful erotic solo practice with Sue and found it helped me grow in confidence about my own solo erotic time. I am beginning to value different things and it was amazing ring-fencing time for myself to do this. Sue was a constructive and very compassionate support as I went through this process.


I had permission to begin anew and was encouraged to play!

Sue’s mindful solo erotic practice coaching included a thorough conversation and reflective questions to find what I needed from the coaching. I felt Sue understood what I wanted and genuinely encouraged and supported me on my practising journey. I felt very comfortable sharing about an aspect of my life I usually keep private and between myself and my sexual partners.


“getting into the nitty-gritty of what holds me back”

I started working with Sue in September 2018 and continue to work with her in various ways. Touching on some deep and vulnerable place in my soul has been personally challenging. Doing it with Sue as my guide and witness has made getting into the nitty-gritty of what holds me back and gentle, kind, honest and powerful experience.

“I was blown away by the fact that the sessions weren’t just therapeutic and healing but also a lot of fun”

Working with Sue has been a very healing journey for me so far and has really given me hope regarding my future. Originally I took part in several sessions of masturbation therapy via Zoom as part of her volunteer programme connected to her studies, after which I began to book in person sessions to explore some other issues I had been facing.