Have you ever wondered what your body would say if it could speak?

I am offering body scans. Body scans with a difference. Poems from your body.

This is an opportunity to connect with yourself, in a guided enquiry, focusing on sensations and distractions.

This awareness can provide information of what is stored within your body, and from a neurological basis, can allow your brain to integrate implicit memories. Implicit memories are unconscious memories stored in the body.

The invitation is to get comfy. Really comfy.

This could be lying down under a snuggly blanket. Cushions supporting you and a pillow for your head. Maybe your comfy is on a luxurious massage table, sitting upright. There are plenty of options…

I will get comfy too, sitting nearby. Paper and pen in hand.

Next, you will be guided with breath through a body scan, and this is where the enquiry begins.

The session lasts up to 90 minutes.

You will have time, during the session, to savour the experience, have your body poem read to you, and, have a copy to take away with you.

Curious? Get in touch.