Relationships are vital to our well being. Relationship coaching is about you as well as those around you.

The way we relate to ourselves can have a significant impact on how we relate to others.

Above all, relationship coaching is about finding the relationships that are fulfilling and healthy for you.

Being ‘in a relationship’ can be elusive for many, maybe due to a focus on career or prioritising other aspects of life.

Meaningful relationship coaching

So many people have an ideal life on paper whilst yearning for a meaningful relationship. Often people are seeking love and life-partnering and don’t understand why they can’t find it.

Relationship coaching often starts by taking the time to consider the kind of life you want. Exploring the qualities of the people you want to be in relation with. What makes you happy? What makes you sad? Do you have unspoken dreams and desires?

As a result of this open, honest and heartfelt enquiry there is often an increased chance of living that life because you know what you want.

By being clear on what we want, we can explore techniques to think and communicate in a way that supports our desires.

What if you are already in a relationship?

It may be that you are already in a relationship and want to explore non-monogamy. I have personal experience of this and you can learn more here.

Relationships can take many forms

Some emotionally supportive, some romantic, some sexual.

Similarly, relationships can be spiritual, intellectual, creative or care-giving.

In contrast, there are relationships around business and collaborative innovation.

Finally how about kink and BDSM?

There is a brilliant visual which is useful for everyone regardless of relationship style to work out what you want in terms of a relationship. You can view it here.

Above all, relationship coaching is about finding healthy relationships for you.

I held an event in London in January 2020 called Creating healthy relationship agreements using many of the principles I used in session work. Click on the link to find out more.

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