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If you know me, you’ll know I went to elaborate lengths to avoid speaking my uncensored truth and any public speaking for over four decades, I now find it enlivening and nourishing.

Here you can find articles, interviews, podcasts and other media I’ve been part of with the most recent at the bottom of the page.

I love talking about relationships, connection, sex, intimacy, shame, trauma, the nervous system and more.

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What I love about non-monogamy audio podcast with Michelle Roberton of Brighton Talks Sex – February 2019

Before the live talk at Brighton Talks Sex, Michelle curiously quizzed me about the joys of non-monogamy. Check out the talk below:

Brighton Talks Sex: Click here

Spotify: Click here

A brief history of monogamy, polyamory, and what it takes to have multiple committed relationships article by Dr Kate Lister, author of A curious history of sex – April 2019

Kate interviewed me as both a sex educator and my personal experience of non-monogamy.

inews: Click here

A curious history of sex: Click here

Sex Parties for the Uninitiated audio podcast with Michelle Roberton of Brighton Talks Sex – April 2019

I loved the last talk so much I came back for more. This time it was Sex Parties for the Uninitiated. Check out the pre-talk talk below:

Brighton Talks Sex: Click here

Spotify: Click here

How to get off better, according to a legit masturbation coach article for Dazed Digital – August 2019

As part of the rethinking masculinity campaign, I gave 10 top tips for masturbation and background to some of the training involved in becoming a masturbation coach.

Daze Digital: Click here

It’ll leave you horny and heartbroken article for Restless – May 2020

Charlotte Moore interviewed me as both a fan of the BBC show Normal People and a sex coach and BDSM practitioner. Following a complaint that the show was pornographic, we explored consent, attitudes to sex and masturbation.

Restless: Click here

Intimacy and Desire video podcast with Anna Sansom, author of Desire Lines – August 2020

I was thrilled to be the 1st person on Anna’s podcast. We dived into what intimacy and desire mean for us. You might be surprised. Check out the video below:

Anna Sansom: Click here

YouTube: Click here

Sex noises: Brits’ favourite sex sounds in the bedroom revealed article for Vivastreet – September 2020

Making sense of the survey results of nearly 2,000 Brits on sexual turn-ons and turn-offs with other sexuality professionals.

Vivastreet: Click here

Sue Sutherland, winner of #2020VISION writing comp, awarded publishing deal with The Unbound Press – December 2020

The press release about the competition win! Read all about it below.

The Unbound Press: Click here

5Rhythms Tribe | Permission and Pain – October 2018

An article I wrote about dancing with chronic pain following Richard Wiltshire’s ‘A Deeper Acceptance’ workshop. Featured in 5Rhythms International monthly newsletter in October 2018

5Rhythms newsletter: Click here