The Feel Institute

Ponderous Poems

  • Water


    I’m craving water

    I want to sink into it

    Have it envelop me

    To feel my body soften

    Taking the pressure of this cumbersome frame that somehow manages to hold it all


    I want to sink in and let go

    Let go of the weight that…

  • Compliancy


    How long can you go along with this?

    How many times will you swallow the words?

    Is there a price to this arrangement?

    Can you afford it?

    I wonder if you recognise the cost of nodding and saying it’s fine

    I’m fine

    Are you fine?

    I always…

  • Consume me


    Can you taste me?

    Am I on the menu?

    Your menu?

    Do you want to suck my smell through your pores?

    Can you eat me up and know what it is like to devour someone and want more?

    To eat and tear nothing

    Tenderly taste





    Relish and…

  • Awakening


    Your privilege astounds me

    I want you to see me and let go of the trappings of fame and ego

    What if you were not about what you had done?

    What if you were not about what you’ve achieved?

    What are you when it’s…

  • The Reclamation


    I’ve been coming back home

    The returning to me

    What promised so much took vital organs.


    Trade-offs were made in the name of love

    Land grabs

    Clutching for what was sacred

    Only to concede for peace and harmony.


    I became less than

    My vitality wore off

    Depletion set in