Most people experience pain at some point in their lives.

This can be physical, emotional or both.

Often, when we are pain, we don’t necessarily want advice or fixing.

We want to know how to release that pain, to soothe that pain.

For some people, they experience pain that they do not want, and it is chronic.

There are a variety of techniques which can soothe the nervous system, which is helpful for most people I know.

When we have pain in our bodies, it is far easier to get into our heads and escape our bodies, which, in turn, makes it harder for us to be embodied and mindful, especially if we are trying to escape or numb the parts of us that are hurting.

Expressing our pain using our mouth words in front of attentive witnesses is a powerful permission giving practice. I am a big fan of noises, swearing and shouting as a way to unleash some of those knots we carry with us.

You can read more about my relationship with pain here and here.

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