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I’m committing to giving and sharing quality content every dark and full moon.

It’s called Fortnightly Freebies because it is what it says it is and sounds catchy.

What’s in it for me (the ‘my truth’ part):

  • I need accountability and interaction
  • I’ve won a book publishing package and need to produce content (you can read all about that process here)
  • I might find people who need a mirror, or who feel lonely or misunderstood, and that helps my healing too
  • I want to make enough money to keep living in the country and exploring the land in my van (he is called Frank by the way)
  • I might get new opportunities to collaborate with people through my writing
  • I’m coming out with my love of the moon and unapologetically honouring her cycle
  • I want to create a community and belong to something meaningful
  • And there is always more.

If you value this, please tell people. Trusted advocacy makes a huge difference.

If you love it and want to see more, buy me a cup of tea. Seriously, I love tea.

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001 – 14th December, 2020 – Dark Moon – Introducing Fortnightly Freebies

Is it enlivening or deadening? My truth + your truth = us. How unapologetic can you be? ‘This is it‘ Spotify playlist, Needs-based relationship package and more – click here

002 – 29th December, 2020 – Full Moon – letting go and finding balance – part 1

Year Compass, free community gathering, feeling and needs cards – click here

003 – 29th December, 2020 – Full Moon – letting go and finding balance – part 2

Balancing breath mp3, Elemental Breathwork discovery session, writing letters to your future self, another community gathering – click here

004 – 12th January, 2020 – Dark Moon – Savouring and remembering

My book of 2020, 5 years on from Bowie’s passing, Fairy Tale Medicine, Sacred Familiar, ‘Is masturbation a part of your self-care?’ event on 21st Jan 2021, new Press & Media page plus best photography of 2020 – click here

Send this page to 3 people you know