Are you putting others needs before your own? Are you a people pleaser? Do you want to experience different types of touch based on your needs?

It is easy to think of touch as something we get done to us or do to others, and touch is often both sexualised and goal-orientated.

We are designed to interact and experience physical touch. Receiving an embrace from someone you like not only feels good, it floods our bodies with serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin hormones.

These hormones are fundamental to our wellbeing and influence our mood, anxiety, appetite, and sleep — to name a few — as well as our memory and ability to learn.

We need touch and there is a whole range available to us, including the sensual, sexual, erotic, delicate, strong, intimate, soothing, therapeutic, and grounding forms of touch.

Often, we forget about self touch, particularly when in relationship, or when we are not feeling 100%.

Prioritising touch is a practice.

It develops as we develop, and can open the door to a whole range of different types of experiences.

Learning how to touch our own bodies gives us the freedom to be able to know ourselves, express ourselves and communicate what we want to others.

I offer embodied coaching and bodywork, as well as practices around consent to develop your embodied touch practice.

The techniques I use are focused on the touch you want, and can include breathwork, embodiment practices, boundary exercises, abdominal massages, sensual caress, erotic touch, consent games, and much more.

With practice and awareness, our ability to know what we want, and clarity around our intentions, can lead to nourishing, healthy, consensual touch.

This is about developing a new relationship with touch. 

If you would like to explore touch and learn how we can work together, please complete the clarity call booking form for a free clarity call.