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Do you want to experience pleasure for pleasure’s sake, with no need to please another? Are you bored with sex, or has your sex life become formulaic? Do you want to try something new?

With a lack of quality education around sex and sexuality — together with shame, judgement and stigma in talking openly about sex — we often either don’t ask when we don’t know or refer to porn as our benchmark.

Taking the time to explore your body helps you find out what sensations you most enjoy. What if you made it a practice? Something that you do regularly as a part of self-care, to feel good, to relieve stress, to have fun and to feel fantastic.

I offer a range of bodywork from sensual caress, erotic touch and rosebud bliss to internal vaginal and anal play.

Maybe your pleasure involves a heavier touch, with pressure and impact, or other elements of kink?

You might want remote coaching around masturbation or sex and intimacy with your partner(s).

This is about exploring and finding what is pleasurable for you.

You can feel sexual pleasure and experience erotic genital touch that is purely for you.

If you would like to embrace your pleasure and discover how we can work together, please complete the clarity call booking form and let’s start talking.