Do you struggle to get out of your mind and into your body? Are you new to embodiment? Do your emotions affect your digestive system?

To feel embodied means being at home in your body.

Being at home in your body can be difficult — challenging, even — as it involves being right here, right now, and feeling the emotional and physical sensations present.

By its very nature it can also bring up healthy and unhealthy expressions of our needs, our wants, as well as our desires and fears.

How do we stay embodied when we are feeling pain, are scared, angry or lost?

In many ways, this is the core of The Feel Institute.

Can you give yourself permission to feel what you are feeling?

Can you face what you may have been avoiding within your body?

I have, and continue to.

I believe you can too.

I offer embodied coaching, breathwork, movement practices, and bodywork to help you come into your body.

The primary focus is on bringing attention to the body by way of body scans and noticing.

Belly massages are an incredibly effective way of coming back into the body. You may be surprised to know that our belly sends messages to the brain nearly as much as the brain informs the belly.

As well as the food and liquid we put into our bodies, our digestive system is also processing our experiences and emotions. These can can get trapped in our bodies, unprocessed by our brains and acting as a trigger for our nervous system.

You may have conscious and unconscious reasons for staying less in your body and more in your head.

Developing self regulation allows us to be less triggered, or have more choice about how we react to what triggers us. Self regulation is when you have awareness of, and control over, your thoughts, feelings and actions.

By becoming more embodied and having a neutral space to express our feelings — tap into the unprocessed memories, experiences and sensations within our body — we can have more agency as to how we operate, how we manage the feelings and build a healthier relationship to them.

This is about entering into an embodied way of being. 

If you would like to discover your embodied potential and learn how we can work together, please complete the clarity call booking form for a free clarity call.