Do you wish you knew your body, including your genitals, better? Do you you want to better understand your partner’s genitals? Do you want to learn more together?

The sex education I received at school was minimal, and certainly didn’t cover the areas I wanted to know about. It certainly wasn’t arousal or pleasure based sex education.

I wish I knew what I know now about genitals. The more I explore, the more I discover, it seems to be a never ending trail of discovery, and it is never too late to get re-acquainted with this part of you.

Then there is there big taboo around anal play. It can be a joyful, intimate and nourishing experience.

Yes, really.

I can support you in the sex education you never got and always wanted.

I offer educational, fun and revealing sessions on genitals.

I can demonstrate using anatomically correct vulva cushions, soft cocks, diagrams and books.

We can look and play with your genitals in various states of arousal. Mirrors are available if you want to look with a fresh pair of eyes.

We can name the parts you didn’t know had names and welcome all of you, exactly as you are.

You can even make it a gift for you and your partner(s) to learn more about each other’s bodies.

This is about getting the education relevant to your sexual landscape.

If you would like to discover your potential and learn how we can work together, please complete the clarity call booking form for a free clarity call.