Do you find consent confusing? Are you affected by the #Metoo movement? Are you fearful of asking for what you want?

Consent doesn’t need to be confusing

It can be crystal clear. It requires communication, healthy boundaries and respect.

Creating boundaries can be a new experience and can feel awkward and difficult at first. Like all things new it gets easier with practice. Honouring your boundaries is something that needs to exercised, just like a muscle. It is a way of life.

Sadly, these are rarely taught to us in a consistent and meaningful way and too many people have been on the receiving end of non-consensual behaviour.

I offer techniques, practices and games on:

  • verbalising your wants and desires
  • establishing and maintaining your boundaries
  • understanding and regulating responses
  • gaining consent
  • withdrawing consent

Much of this is based on the excellent work of Dr Betty Martin.

Practices offered

The practices I offer include the Wheel of Consent, the 3 minute Game and the Bossy Massage.

Some of these practices can be offered via video conferencing.

This is about exploring, learning and embodying consent.

If you would like to get to the heart of consent and learn how we can work together, please complete the clarity call booking form for a free clarity call.