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  • Why Fantasies?


    I had sexual thoughts as a child. Did you?

    When I was a kid, I found my dad’s porno mags and the women had beautiful natural breasts, big bushes and there were photos of half-naked women with their legs spread and…

  • The Kiss


    I walk reluctantly into the gathering.

    I am not in a talking mood.

    I like watching much more than many realise.

    It’s a mixed crowd.

    People looking elegant, others edgy and cool, and there is a tension in the air.

    I can feel it in…

  • Disdain


    There are three of us lined up.

    She is greedy.

    I was greedy too when I was in charge.

    She needs to be satisfied and I’m the newest recruit.

    I’ve taken myself for granted. I thought I was special.

    I relied on what I knew,…

  • Cinema


    I haven’t been to the cinema on my own for years.

    It was an early afternoon show at this old fashioned independent two-screen venue.

    I made my way to the back rows and pick the seat with legroom, no seats in front…

  • My submissive


    My submissive has a big fat cock

    I’ve always had a thing for girth

    There’s something about how it feels in my hand

    There’s something about how it feels in my cunt

    Touching the sides

    Filling me up

    Centring me

    I like that feeling of something meaty