Considering a session?

Whether you are interested in knowing more or know exactly what you want, the first step is booking a call with me. You can do this in several ways:

Contact me by one of these means to discuss how we might work together.

A 15-minute cup of tea call

We talk through what you might want to explore within a session, a group of sessions, or a programme during the call.

I explain the session structure, offer suggestions for what we could include within a session based on what you want to explore, and answer any questions you might have.

The intention for the clarity call is to decide whether we can work together and what is right for you.

Taking time

When you contact me, you might know instantly whether you want to go deeper. You might want time to consider. I might offer you practitioners that are better served to meet your needs.

I am a big believer in gut instinct.

Taking the time you need to know whether you want this and whether you want it now is something I encourage.

A dark image of a yellow and black butterfly on wet stones. Transformation in the darkness.

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