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Which breathwork?

There are so many different kinds of breathwork.

Pranayama, holotropic, rebirthing, biodynamic, shamanic, Wim Hof, and the list goes on.

It’s easy to forget what ‘normal’ breathing is.

In it’s simplest terms, breathing is an essential biological function of taking in air, absorbing oxygen, and then exhaling air, releasing carbon dioxide.

Oxygen is vital for every cell in your body

  • through oxidation, it chemically changes food and liquid into energy
  • contracts muscles
  • repairs your cells
  • feeds your brain
  • cleanses your body.

Carbon dioxide is essential too

  • for vasodilation, i.e. widening of blood vessels
  • dilation of breathing passageways
  • increases oxygen absorption
  • eliminating waste.

Breathing is both complex and dynamic, where both oxygen and carbon dioxide are essential.

The breathing practices I offer are mostly about manipulating carbon dioxide levels in the lungs and blood.

Elemental Breathwork

Elemental Breathwork is a safe and fast way to relieve stress, boost digestion, balance your energy, and improve sleep.

Unlike meditation that can be frustrating and slow to learn, elemental breathing is very accessible, and you’ll feel results right from our first session.

No experience of any kind is needed. I take a straightforward, science-based approach that is effective for everyone.

Discovery Session

I offer you a 20-minute Discovery Session if you think this might help with your current health challenges.

The Discovery Session is just 20-minutes, and we can meet via video call.

I’ll share the basic principle of the practice with you, we’ll do some foundation exercises together, and we’ll see how you feel.

With no obligation, book a time with me by completing this booking form.

You are then welcome to have a single 30 minute paid session or a month-long coaching programme.


30-minute session – book here

We will learn and practice one breathing type and technique together. You’ll receive one guided at-home audio practice, and the cost is £50.

1-month coaching programme – book here

We meet for 30 minutes weekly, and I’ll ask for 15 minutes of daily homework and check-in between sessions.

You will get the knowledge, training and habits needed to practice whenever you need it. The cost is £175, and you’ll get access to my guided at-home audio practices as well.

*Image credit: Robin Singing For Spring. Photo by Jan Meeus on Unsplash