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Authentic relationships enliven you

It is vital to follow our truth if we want authentic connections.

By that, I mean what our hearts, guts, sex and soul yearn for.

This how we have authentic relationships.

How do we become aware of and understand what is essential to each of us in an unapologetic way?

Try this simple, yet powerful, check-in: is this enlivening or deadening?

Using models and metaphors

I’m writing a book about this and have developed and run workshops exploring creating relationship agreements for friends, family, lovers and more.

I regularly use the relationship anarchy smorgasbord with a methodology I have developed with individuals and partnerships. It continues to illuminate the way forward for everyone I have worked with to date.

Through this model, I realised my primary relationship is with myself.

Only then, can I be in nourishing, intimate, and loving connection with anyone else.

Working with individuals

Whether you are solo or in a relationship, knowing what you want can be complicated.

I offer my undivided attention, exploring what relationship means to you and how to get the relationships that are meaningful to you.

This doesn’t have to mean forming a romantic or sexual connection.

It might be that you love nature and want to live solo, part-time visits with various lovers, and return for group connection through festivals. I’m giving my version of a glorious life as an example.

Whatever you bring is welcome.

You might not know what you want and want support in working it out. I can do that with you.

I’ve got lots of tools in my bulging bag. That’s what nearly half a century of being an enthusiastic, playful geek has brought me.

Working with couples, thruples and partnerships

When I’m working with more than one person, I still see each person as an individual.

The main difference is when we come together, I take on the role or identity of the relationship. I am not on anyone’s side.

Many couples I’ve worked with find it difficult to communicate with each other.

They find it hard to hear what the other person is saying.

They often feel guilty or want to fix we’ll find a solution to whatever their partner is telling them.

Often the act of really hearing and being acknowledged can make the most significant difference to the relationship.

Being an authentic individual first

I will work with each person to establish where they are and what they want to get out of all worked together.

We look at what their needs, fears, concerns and hopes are.

When we come together, I am a guide, witness, mediator and facilitator of conversations.

I often can see what is happening by watching the interaction between those in the relationship.

I encourage connection through games and the formation of agreements.

Often, a person, we’ll need more one to one sessions then another.

By creating an agreement that being fair is not always equal, each person can book individual sessions and sessions where all attend are used to tackle difficult subjects or work on areas that seem unresolvable.


If you want to know more book a 15-minute cup of tea call with me.

If you know you want to book a single session to explore relating and relationships, do it here.

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*Image credit: Skye, Scotland. Photo by Robert Lukeman on Unsplash