The Feel Institute

The Kiss


I walk reluctantly into the gathering.

I am not in a talking mood.

I like watching much more than many realise.

It’s a mixed crowd.

People looking elegant, others edgy and cool, and there is a tension in the air.

I can feel it in my cunt.

I find the bar and order a Tommy’s Margarita. A kick and a cuddle in a glass. The viscosity, sweetness and guttural punch of mescal makes me silently moan.

I become aware that I’m being watched.

Slowly, I cast my eye over the room, surveying the landscape and spot a strikingly beautiful, spunky woman with smoky eyes and open full lips.

I can tell she gets her way.

She holds my gaze, reveals a hint of a smile and mouths, “Come here”.

I feel my cheeks flush and I catch my breath.

The lips of my cunt part.

I look away and try to catch my breath.

The next thing I know I can feel her close. “Feeling shy, are we?” and she tugs my arm, pulling me away from the bar.

She pushes me against the opposite wall and presses her body against mine, placing her lips millimetres from my lips and breathes deeply.

I see into her soul through her pupils and she kisses me passionately.

I am no more than lips, tongue and cunt.


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