The Feel Institute

“getting into the nitty-gritty of what holds me back”

I started working with Sue in September 2018 and continue to work with her in various ways. Touching on some deep and vulnerable place in my soul has been personally challenging. Doing it with Sue as my guide and witness has made getting into the nitty-gritty of what holds me back and gentle, kind, honest and powerful experience.

I have found new ways to access my self pleasure, orgasmic yoga, and been able to get better acquainted with my boundaries and how to uphold them.

I have also started scar remediation on my vagina and perineum. The scars are from cuts and tears during child birth, and a surgical vaginal repair. Not only has the remediation helped the tissue to change texture and release tightness. It has also moved the emotions attached to the wounds and given me the opportunity to look at some deep seated pain.

I am looking forward to my onward journey with Sue’s offering. I have worked with many respected individuals in the field sexuality along my path. I can say that amongst them Sue comes highly recommended.