The Feel Institute

I had permission to begin anew and was encouraged to play!

Sue’s mindful solo erotic practice coaching included a thorough conversation and reflective questions to find what I needed from the coaching. I felt Sue understood what I wanted and genuinely encouraged and supported me on my practising journey. I felt very comfortable sharing about an aspect of my life I usually keep private and between myself and my sexual partners.

To my surprise, it was not about specific techniques or telling me how to touch myself, but more about connecting to my erotic self by being attentively heard in my experience. The focus was on mindfulness and setting intentions for practising, which made all the difference for me.

Sue’s coaching was warm and non-judgemental, so it helped me to accept my experiences and myself more. I became aware of some deep attitudes that I started to transform within very short time during Sue’s coaching. Between the calls I had time to process and practice. I had permission to begin anew and was encouraged to play!

As single in celibacy in that moment of time I felt strongly that I am a sensual and sexual being regardless of if I have partners or not. It was very empowering to talk about my solo erotic practice with Sue.

I have done plenty of body scans over the years, yet Sue’s body scan started by asking questions about my experience of my body and how do I call parts of my body. Sue’s presence and attention on me felt warm and accepting. The body scan felt personalised and tailored for me and what I needed in that moment. Sue echoed back my reflections in my own words and asked more questions about my felt sense.

My state shifted from little bit tense and anxious to more relaxed and spacious and I felt filled with warm glow. I felt energised afterwards and someone I met the next day said I looked different! Internally I felt that something invisible in me had been witnessed and therefore lightened up, bringing me more present to my body’s sensations and more in connection with myself.

Abdominal massage felt very respectful for my boundaries and needs. I got to ask how I wanted to be touched and also face the fear of asking what I need in a safe way. Sue worked within my body’s limits and was very sensitive to my body’s cues of what was enough for that session.

I felt the respectful touch brought me back to my centre on a day I had felt a bit shattered and struggling with boundaries. Physically I felt more open and at ease. Emotionally I felt I let go of some bitterness I was holding on to. Mentally I started to adapt the direct asking what I want and what others want in my relationships, which is a continuing challenge and process for me, but I remember the impact of Sue respectfully asking what I want, making a clear request and having my need met.