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I haven’t been to the cinema on my own for years

It was an early afternoon show at this old fashioned independent two-screen venue

I made my way to the back rows and pick the seat with legroom, no seats in front of me and just one row behind.

There’s something about coming to the cinema during the day in the middle of the week when most are working.

Observing the others who have discovered this secret quiet place and time

I was the third person in there, the other two picking seats near the screen.

As I took my jacket off, I could feel the weight of my breasts.

I noticed the slight ache and then remembered I was coming up to a bleed.

That’s when I start getting hornier too.

The film starts, and it’s a modern-day interpretation of a classic with flashbacks to black and white scenes in bars with people smoking and looking effortlessly hot and cool at the same time.

It is one of those films that brings a smile to my face with its lightly suggestive tone.

I’m distracted by a late arrival, slightly panting, tailored and mildly apologetic advancing up the stairs in my direction.

As they pass, I smell a hint of a scent that my nostrils automatically flare to.

I hear them land into the row behind me, and I can feel the air has changed.

A shift that makes me sit up a little bit more, to present myself as if to be a bit more seen.

I try focusing on the film

My attention is elsewhere

They are behind me, and I want to know what they look like

I move my shoulders and torso and take a big breath of air through my nostrils and try to settle into my chair

My lips keep moving

Kind of pursing together in a slight smirk

What is going on?

Am I agitated or am I aroused?

I can feel my toes flexing.

I can feel my sex pressing on the seat.

I open my mouth and bite my hand gently and deliberately

Who is this person?

There is a smile trying to emerge on my face.

I take a breath and turn around.

Our eyes meet for the first time, and I say hello.

His initial wide eyes soften into a generous smile which helps me breathe again.

I giggle and say hello again.

He giggles, “Hi”.

I turn around and face the screen grinning like a Cheshire cat not quite believing how silly and how hot such a simple greeting can be

I turn back and say, “Fancy coming and sitting here with me?”

He shrugs, picks up his things, shuffles past me and plonks himself down next to me.

I’m giggling, and the focus returns to the screen.

It’s one of those cinemas built for comfort.

Each seat has wide armrests and a mini flat surface just big enough for a box of popcorn.

As we watch I can feel myself relax

This stranger is an easy company.

I can feel a magnetic pull.

I place my arm on the rest between our seats.

Then rest my hand on our shared mini table.

I can feel the air on my skin, and I want him to look.

I want him to touch me.

It doesn’t take long for his hand to join mine there.

Slowly we mutually gravitate towards each other with a slow and electric meeting of skin.

I flood my knickers at first contact, and the breath sits at the top of my chest.

This is so fucking hot

Our arms get involved, and any pretence has gone

This is deliberate

This is happening

All the while my eyes are transfixed on the screen

I have no idea what is happening in the film

I breathe in through my nostrils and turn my head to realise he’s staring straight at me lips pursed and holding a steady presence

He reaches his hand and cups my cheek and jaw firmly, his thumb pulling at my bottom lip

I lean over and land my lips on his lips, both our mouths half open

I reach for his cock I can feel it pulsing in his jeans

A deep sigh escapes his mouth as I do so

He grabs my breast

And here we are

Two strangers

Kissing passionately

Hand on cock

Hand on breast

I undo my zip and pull his hand from my breast into my knickers

His fingers on my swollen lips are fucking delicious

I ride his hand

We’re grunting and groaning, and I slip his finger into my cunt

He gets onto his knees in front of me

Finger fucking me

It’s too much for me to contain my noises

He covers my mouth with his hand

Maintaining the motion that has me writhing on his fingers right up to his knuckles

I let go and let the gush come



Riding to a halt

And we become still

Still and panting

There is a silence and a holding

We are locked

We are deliberate

As the panting subsides the widest of smiles emerges on my face

It’s infectious

I look down at him

His mouth is open

His cheeks high and his eyes bright

He stifles his laughter on my thigh

His tongue wet on my skin

We hold each other

We share the most delicate of kisses

Slowly he returns to his seat

I can feel his arm on my arm

We’re squeezing each other’s hand

And then gently retreat to ourselves

The rest of the film is a daze

When the credits roll, I turn to him and smile

A kiss on his lips

One more look in his eyes before silently making my way out of screen two and into the anonymous world outside.


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