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  • What is sexological bodywork?

    Me: A Sexological Bodyworker…
    Them: You’ re a sexological bodyworker…a sexo…do you have sex with these people?
    Me: No.
    Them: Are you a prostitute?
    Me: No. I am a sexological bodyworker who is trained to work with, and include, sexuality.
    Them: Did you go on a weekend course, or is it…

  • Harvesting the gifts of pain

    5Rhythms – an ongoing practice
    He did it again, except this time it was deeper and longer.

    I’m talking about Richard Wiltshire, a 5Rhythms movement meditation teacher based in London. This weekend, he led ‘A Deeper Acceptance: creating healing through movement’. A sister…

  • The Naked Photoshoot

    Naked again
    Anyone who has known me, in particular settings, over the last few years, may have seen me naked. It has been a thing I have been doing more and more.
    Earlier this year, I’d stumbled across a post for a…

  • Permission and Pain

    Pain and 5Rhythms
    In the last couple of days, I have tapped into something new in relation to my constant, and ever present, pain.
    For the very first time, I was given permission to feel it. I mean, really feel it.
    It would…

  • Are you a good friend?

    I have been thinking about friendship, what it means to be a good friend and whether I am, in fact, a good friend.
    When I looked up the definition in the Oxford Dictionary it confirmed that friend is a noun and “A…