April course postponed

The April offering is postponed for these key reasons:

  • Reviewing the feedback forms from the March course has highlighted a desire for many to go deeper as a group. I want to honour the needs of the existing group before moving on to another intake.
  • The feedback forms and the people on Sue’s mailing list indicate an appetite for the Relationship Needs Blueprint course. Sue is excited and wants to birth the relationship course.
  • In the UK, people can start meeting outside from the 12th of April. Starting a virtual course from the 14th of April doesn’t make sense. Sue and the crew want to be out more too.
  • As we start to open up and meet with people again, being clearer on relationships is more relevant than ever. Sue will focus on refining the relationships’ blueprint course content and meeting people in person (hurrah!).

Masturbation or Self-touch?

What is the first thing you notice when you read the word masturbation?

The name matters more than you may realise.

I want this to be accessible and less daunting.

Getting more comfortable with self-touch is a gateway to enlivening masturbation.

That’s why I have opted for self-touch over masturbation for the title.

Self-touch, vulvae and sex toys – APRIL 2021

This 1-month April enquiry is a closed mixed-gender group. Anyone can join regardless of gender identity.

The course and platform are available now, and you register to join until Saturday 24th April.

It’s a framework designed for people who want to explore and expand self-touch and masturbation.

To understand more about touch, masturbation, vulva anatomy, and how sex toys can contribute to well-being and pleasure.

Why now?

This manifestation has been brewing for a while. I knew that talking about masturbation could remove some of the shame and stigma.

It started in 2019 with my first workshop in an art gallery called “Vulvas, pleasure and consent. It was a hit, and my suitcase of 13 anatomical vulva cushions showed up another nine times through 2019 and early 2020.

From that came two “Developing a Nourishing Self Pleasure Practice workshops, a full day “Consent, Choice and the 3-minute game event and three “Is masturbation a part of your self-care? classes.

Most of these classes were in rooms. I look forward to the return of classes in real rooms. In the meantime, we can do this.

Here we are, able to connect regardless of location, in the privacy of our dwelling spaces.

What makes this course different?

There are no event listings for this course on social media.

Back to word of mouth and trusted advocacy, in a place away from social media algorithms.

Without the censorship and addictive, and often depressing, scrolling.

A private community space where people with shared interests can explore together.

Course content

  • Live 1-hour classes
  • Live 30-minute Questions and Answers sessions
  • Access to The Feel Forum

Live classes

These will be interactive using our bodies via our collective screens and through the Zoom chat.

There will be no masturbation in any of the classes.

We’d like to see you and request you have your cameras on.

This is as much about shame busting as it is exploring and creating community.

Each class will be available to watch and listen to on The Feel Forum to support you getting the most out of the classes.

Why have The Feel Forum?

I (Sue) put a lot of information into the classes.

There can be a lot to digest.

Participants might not be able to make the live classes as life can get in the way of best-laid plans.

Watching again can help the information land in the mind, body and nervous system.

Collectively, our eyes are tired of looking at screens. Listening can give our eyes much-needed rest.

Question and Answer Sessions

After you’ve been to the class or watched it on The Feel Forum, you are welcome to join the Q&A sessions.

These are for people who have seen the class.

Having experienced these sessions during the March course, I can vouch for how permissive and connecting they can be. Such a treat to hear and witness people this way.

There is no content planned for these sessions. It’s a chance to ask questions arising from the class of Sue, the crew and each other.

Why have the Questions and Answers sessions separate from the class?

To allow the live class’s content to visit the mind, body and nervous system of participants.

Many of us need a couple of nights of sleep to recognise how we feel and may have questions as a result.

Time to process helps everyone have the chance to ask burning questions before moving onto the next class.

The intention is to include everyone and not leave anyone behind.

The Feel Forum

The Feel Forum runs on the Mighty Networks platform.

Only people attending this course will have access.

In the Forum, you can:

  • Watch the live classes from the course again
  • Listen to the audio versions of the classes
  • Take part in discussion threads
  • Access journaling prompts
  • Explore links for more in-depth enquiries
  • Plus, some surprises.

Course logistics

1. Is masturbation a part of your self-care? – Live 1-hour Zoom

Choose from either of these live classes or attend both:

  • Wednesday 14th April– 7pm to 8pm BST
  • Sunday 18th April – 7.30pm to 8.30pm BST

2. Follow up Question & Answers session – Is Masturbation a part of your self-care? – Drop-in 30-minute Zoom

Choose from either of these Q&As or attend both:

  • Sunday 18th April – 6pm to 6.30pm BST
  • Tuesday 20th April – 5.30pm to 6pm BST

3. Vulva anatomy and how to touch – Live 1-hour Zoom

Choose from either of these or attend both:

  • Wednesday 21st April – 7pm to 8pm BST
  • Sunday 25th April – 7.30pm to 8.30pm BST

4. Follow up Question & Answers session – Vulva anatomy and how to touch – Drop-in 30-minute Zoom

Choose from either of these Q&As or attend both:

  • Sunday 25th April – 6pm to 6.30pm BST
  • Tuesday 27th April – 5.30pm to 6pm BST

5. Sex toys and how to use them – Live 1-hour Zoom

Choose from either of these or attend both:

  • Wednesday 28th April – 7pm to 8pm BST
  • Sunday 2nd May – 7.30pm to 8.30pm BST

6. Follow up Question & Answers session – Sex toys and how to use them – Drop-in 30-minute Zoom

Choose from either of these Q&As or attend both:

  • Sunday 2nd May – 6pm to 6.30pm BST
  • Tuesday 4th May – 5.30pm to 6pm BST

How much is the course?

Course costs are in 2 parts – a deposit and donation.

The intention is to make the course accessible to as many people as possible.

Some people have more money than others and can afford to pay much more.

For others, the deposit is a stretch as it is.

The deposit

The deposit is your way of saying, “I am in”.

It is your registration for the course.

You will have access to the course and The Feel Forum by paying the deposit.

The deposit covers the set-up costs and the preparations. For example, the deposit pays the crew for their time as part of the coming together, reviewing the class material and logistics.

The deposit for this course is £50.

You can pay your deposit via the PayPal button below.

Please make sure you choose ‘Family and Friends’ or add a couple of pounds to cover PayPal fees.

You can also pay a donation at the same time, up to you.



Once you’ve paid your deposit, please send me an e-mail from your preferred email address telling me you’ve paid.

I’ll cross-check and add you to The Forum Forum and the course with your preferred email address.

The donation

The donation is determined by you, based on your finances and how much you value the course and community.

  • You can donate up front when you pay the deposit.
  • You can donate when you experience something you value.
  • You can make multiple donations.
  • You can donate at the end when you have completed the course.

The donation allows Sue to keep a roof over their head.

Donations lead to the creation of more courses.

All crew receive a percentage of every donation made.

You can pay your donation using the button below.



Ideally, the minimum suggested donation is £50 – if you can afford it.

If you can pay more, please do!

Any surplus funds will go to The Feel Institute low-cost clinic. These allow more one to one sessions for those who can’t afford it.

Who are the crew?

The crew are ready, and there has been a lot of work going on in the background. I am smiling at the company we will be in already!

Sue will facilitate all classes and Q&As.

The incredible crew are supporting this work and holding this group. I’ve included their pronouns and gender identities, as well as links to their work.

They are:

  • Helen Gracie
  • Adeel Malik
  • Plus me, Sue Sutherland (they/they) – queer and genderfluid

You will meet two of the crew at each of the classes and one crew at the Q&As.

Are you interested in joining the crew?

The Feel Institute was never going to be about one person.

Collaboration, co-creation and community are at the heart of the Institute.

I want people with different life experiences and perspectives in the room.

The first step in becoming a crew member is experiencing a course as a participant.

If the participant experience enlivens you, tell Sue or one of the crew you are interested in becoming crew.

Any other questions?

Email Sue here.

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