My name is Sue and I am fascinated by sexuality, gender and relationships.

I have been examining shame, judgement and trauma both personally and professionally for decades.

Unpicking the ways we behave and communicate in periods of surviving and thriving, as well as learning the neuroscience, anatomy and the power of touching our bodies.

I offer education, coaching and bodywork for ALL of you, including your sexuality and relationships.

Identifying as queer, pansexual and ethically non-monogamous has been a journey over 4 decades.

Running alongside my private practice, I am a kink and BDSM advocate, writer, and social activist.

I live and work by the motto ‘Permission to feel what you are feeling’ and I’m passionate about counteracting stigma and shame, particularly around our bodies, our desires and our relationships.

Badge showing Sue is a Professional Member of The Association of Somatic & Intergrative Sexologists

Sue is a Professional Member of The Association of Somatic & Intergrative Sexologists

Core Beliefs

Through discovering our voices and exploring our feelings we can acknowledge the uncomfortable.

Learning to be comfortable with the uncomfortable particularly around sex and intimacy can be life changing.

Taking the time to discover and establish your boundaries and then the ongoing practice of honouring them is the biggest act of self care that I know.

What else can I share with you?

I have experienced chronic pain for much of my adult life and working with pain and scars is a core part of my practice.

That said, I also love to play, to have fun, to encourage the primal parts of ourselves and with my experience of movement, shamanism and love of raw expression I welcome this in you too.

I am based in Central London and offer a neutral space that is open to individuals, partnerships and groups of all sexual orientations, gender identities and relationship dynamics.

Let’s create a neutral place together — working with proven neuroscience and anatomy, as well as tried and tested techniques developed by the veterans of embodiment — to question what we already know, and to learn a new way of being and belonging.


A photo of Katie Serra, Sue Sutherland, Joseph Kramer, Kian de la Cour

From left to right: Katie Serra, Sue Sutherland, Joseph Kramer, Kian de la Cour

I spent 6 months studying and training full time to become a Certified Sexological Bodyworker.

Certified Sexological Bodyworker – Certified in February 2019

Faculty: Katie Sarra, Kian de la Cour, Joseph Kramer, Ellen Head and Betty Martin.

Continual professional development

I am committed to ongoing professional development and choose to work with those I respect the most. I have these training’s in 2019 and 2020:

Like A Pro – Betty Martin – May 2019

Urban Tantra Professional Training – Barbara Carrellas – June 2019

Foundation Certificate in Gender, Sexuality & Relationship Diversity Therapy – Pink Therapy – July 2019 to July 2020

Can you help me?

I am passionate about this work and I know it is transformational. To do it well I need to keep learning, researching and having supervision. It doesn’t pay anywhere near what I used to earn in the city as a business consultant. It is the less trodden path.

If you can help support my training by donating whatever is available for you I would be eternally grateful. I’ve created a GoFundMe page for my year long training with Pink Therapy.

I would love to find a way to work part time in the city and continue this path of finding workable solutions to empower and educate people. I am open to ideas and opportunities. My work bio can seen here.