Permission to feel what you are feeling

“Working with Sue has been a very healing journey for me so far and has really given me hope regarding my future. ” ~ Jack

Sue shares the essence of the 5-week relationship blueprint enquiry in the video below:

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“I can’t recommend enough Sue and the safe space they provide. I felt there really was time for me to just ‘show up’ and use it for whatever I needed. Liberating. I found the flexibility of the booking process really helpful too in relation to my lifestyle and needs.” ~ Ali

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FEEL Pleasure

Do you want to experience pleasure for pleasure's sake, with no need to please another? Are you bored with sex, or has your sex life become formulaic? Do you want to try something new?

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FEEL Orgasmic

Are you finding it harder to have satisfying orgasms? Do want to experience different types of orgasm, and access different orgasmic states? Maybe you have never orgasmed and wonder if you can?

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Waves crashing against the shore, symbolising to feel orgasmic.
A beautiful butterfly on a woman's hand

FEEL Consensual

Do you find consent confusing? Are you affected by the #Metoo movement? Are you fearful of asking for what you want?

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FEEL Connected

Are you unsatisfied with the 'rules' around dating and relationships? Do you crave a relationship approach that is healthy for you? Maybe you are trying to navigate non-monogamy?

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A person feels empowered while standing beneath the Milky Way.

FEEL Empowered

Do you easily get triggered by people? Do you wish you had a better handle on your emotions? Do you want to have more choice in how you react around others?

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FEEL Touch

Are you putting others needs before your own? Are you a people pleaser? Do you want to experience different types of touch based on what you need?

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Two women embracing each other tenderly as if slow dancing

FEEL Educated

Do you wish you knew your body, including your genitals, better? Do you you want to understand your partners genital's better? Do you all want to learn more?


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Have you had gender reassignment surgery? Did you have a labour which involved a cut or a tear? Did you have an accident or surgery? Are you struggling with your new body?

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The curves and structure of a tree which looks like scar tissue.
Bare legs and feet feel hands caressing them.

FEEL Embodied

Do you struggle to get out of your mind and into your body? Are you new to embodiment? Do your emotions affect your digestive system?

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Can we dig deep and work together? Can we create lasting healthy change, and feel less lonely in the pursuit of something more meaningful and more fulfilling?

I am sure the answer is yes.

My name is Sue and I am a Certified Sexological Bodyworker, relationship coach, kink and BDSM practitioner, writer, and social activist. 

This means I trained as a sex coach and educator, and offer embodied coaching and bodywork for ALL of you, including your sexuality and relationships.

I live and work by the motto ‘Permission to feel what you are feeling’ and I’m passionate about counteracting stigma and shame, particularly around our bodies, our desires and our relationships. 

I am based in Central London and offering sessions and programmes for individuals, partnerships and groups.

Through discovering our voices, exploring our feelings, acknowledging the uncomfortable, establishing our boundaries and honouring both our bodies and our sexuality, we can embrace pleasure with agency and permission.

Let's create a neutral place together -- working with proven neuroscience and anatomy, as well as tried and tested techniques developed by the veterans of embodiment -- to question what we already know, and to learn a new way of being and belonging.