Essential Touch

It is easy to think of touch as something we get done to us or do to others, and it’s often quite sexualised. Consensual sexual touch is welcome, as is sensual and intimate touch.

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Embodiment Practices

Embodiment Practices are practices that take us out of our mind and into our bodies. There is a massive range here from breath and breathing, the subtleties of becoming aware of the sensations and experiences in our bodies, body scanning, moving of the spine and the head, to feeling the beat of the feet on the floor.

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Creative Relating

Creative Relating is about finding the relationships you want. By abandoning the idea of the types of relationships you should have, and tapping, instead, into the relationships that are fulfilling and healthy for you.

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Pain Release

Pain Release. Most people experience pain at some point in their lives. This can be physical, emotional or both. Often, when we are pain, we don’t necessarily want advice or fixing, we want to know how to release that pain, to soothe that pain.

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Gender Specific Work

Gender Specific Work. Recognising that there are a variety of genders and there are certain aspects of a person’s anatomy that has specific needs. We are all different, and different types of bodies, experiences and awareness require a range of nuanced approaches.

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